Direction : André Dartevelle
Duration : 3h20
Betacam SP



A documentary series about the history of the armed Resistance in Belgium. A number of veteran armed partisans and their children tell us what fate had been in store for this Resistance group in the decades in the aftermath of the war. The antifascist guerilla of the armed partisans had been completely wiped out and erased: it is absent from the stories and official or popular representations in the memories of what took the place after the war.  What people were taught took over. Historians wrote about the history of the armed partisans in the eighties and now the last survivors are finally writing their own stories of what really happened…

- Episode 1: Régine Orfinger

- Episode 2: Marcel Duhen

- Episode 3: Ignace Lapiower

Data Sheet

  • Director : André Dartevelle
  • Scenario : André Dartevelle et Henri Orfinger
  • Production : Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne
  • Images : Michel Techy
  • Sound : Jean-Paul Raemdonck
  • Editing : Anne Lombard et Cécile Kiélar
  • Production assistant : Marienne Binard
  • Mixing : Jacques Clisse
  • Music : Gabriel Fauré and Jean-Sébastien Bach interpreted by Dominique Martin and Evelyne Groyne
  • Production manager : Véronique Marit
  • Associate producers : Claude Delacroix et Christine Pireaux
  • Executive producer : Luc Dardenne


  • Dérives a.s.b.l.
  • RTBF (Centre de Bruxelles) – Unité Documentaire
  • Wallonie Image Production (WIP)

With the help of the "Communauté Française de Belgique" and the "Région Wallonne".

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