Direction :  Simon Brook
Duration : 75 minutes
© 2001 



A portrait of a family and private man; A portrait of a man at work.

Because he lets himself be seen by his son Simon, a young director of films and documentaries, the great director of English theatre, 76-year-old Peter Brook, reveals for the first time some of his intimacy as an artist, a father and a son. His Father, Simon Brook Senior, fled his home country of Russia in 1905. This had a profound impact on Peter’s career as new desires were presented to him. 

But Simon Brook is never content with a strictly biographical narrative (Imagine if he is here with unpublished documents which are often funny...), he seeks to capture sudden and comical touches of everything all together serious, and without weighing theoretical discourse, which is the essence of his father’s quest. ‘A quest for life, truth, beyond a "simple" search of theatre’. With his elusive smile, says Peter Brook, if he hadn't done what he had done himself, he could have done anything else that he loves, for example, more than any journey from following Japan and the U.S., and from England to Africa. Everywhere the director tells with simplicity, mixing English to French, how the vision of a primitive statue, a Zen garden, or a trip to Iran or Africa were decisive in their approach, have advances in design of the performance space - the emptiest, the less defined, more open - of acting - as free as possible. While he had never agreed to be filmed in the rehearsals, we see improvisation work with some of his oldest associates. No effect, a very concrete way, Simon Brook then takes us into the heart of an artistic language constantly listening to the other, whether actor or spectator. A language increasingly stripped, more and more risky, more Scrub, as will be seen over the many extracts - Shakespeare in Can Themba - that punctuate the film. As a more older Peter Brook, he has a taste for adventure, for experience. As ever this experience is always to ensure that the theatre is always near and far, mundane and unexpected.

Data Sheet

  • Direction : Simon Brook, Ecrit in collaboration with Fabienne Pascaud and Josie Milijevic
  • Image : Simon Brook, Philippe Dorelli, Emmanuel Bastien, Pascal Sutra Fourcade
  • Sound : François Waldedisch, Stéphane Kayler
  • Editing : Josie Miljevic
  • Original music : Denis Barbier and Silvana di Martino
  • Documentation : Florences Gilles and Nina Soufy


With the participation of the "Centre National de la Cinématographie du Ministère des Affaires Etrangères de TV5" and with the "Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel de la Communauté française de Belgique", the "Télédistributeurs wallons" and the "Région Wallonne".

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