Réalisation : André Dartevelle
Durée : 62 minutes
Couleurs – Beta Digital
Version Française – 16/9 




During his interminable rounds up hill and down dale, Jean-luc delivers to his clients the bread he makes at night. The young baker, worm with work, has among his clients several unemployed people, who he takes time to listen to and advise. He looks for the right words to encourage the most resigned, and calm those who, at their wits’ end, use him to vent their anger. Sometimes the film leaves the baker to follow the unemployed as they confront the officials, who ask them to justify their family circumstances.

Data Sheet

  • Director : André Dartevelle
  • Assistant director : Marie-Hélène Rabier
  • Image : Michel Techy and Michel Mernier
  • Sound : Michel Van Damme
  • Editing : Emmanuelle Dupuis
  • Mixing : Jacques Clisse
  • Conformation : Bruno Duvillier
  • Music : Dominique martin
  • Production manager : Véronique Marit
  • Executive producer : Luc Dardenne


With the help of the "Communauté française de Belgique" and the "Région Wallonne".

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