Direction :
Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne
Duration : 82 minutes
1 : 1,66 - Color
O.V. French



Just before twilight a four engined plane lands on the runway of a country airport... The plane comes to a halt. One passenger disembarks : Joe, the last survivor of a jewish family, the Falsches. He has an appointment with them all tonight, forty years after leaving Berlin for New York in 1938.
They are all in the arrival lounge of the airport. The father, the mother, the small sister, the elder brothers and his wife, the aunt, all of whom had perished in concentration camps. Botj twin brothers, who left with him in 1938. Uncle Ruben and his wife Natalia, who went to England in 1938 and ruturned, after a short stay in Palestine, to die in Berlin during the reconstruction years. Lilli, a young German girl, is here toot; the daughter of a Nazi official, who was the love of Joe's youth, and who died during the bombing of Berlin.
A night of encounters, of celebrations beyond life and death. A meeting which will soon turn to a family psycho-drama, in which thirteen people will confront each other about their links with Germany (why did they stay in Berlin?), their life in exile (what life after Auschwitz?), the presence of Lilli among the Falsches, cries of anguish in face of death in the camps incomprehensible to those who went into exile, the Berlin of today, where nobody remembers the Falshes... not even Joe, who would have preferred to forget, and never see them again...
Unrelenting encounter, where accusations and reproaches mingle with love and tenderness, where nobody is right or wrong, where each character poses a problem of conscience, where all are visited with the same suffering. 


  • Bruno Cremer
  • Jacqueline Bollen
  • Nicole Colchat
  • Christian Crahay
  • Millie Dardenne
  • Berangere Dautun
  • John Dobrynine
  • Andre Lenaerts
  • Christian Maillet
  • Jean Mallamaci
  • Gisele Oudart
  • Mare-Rose Roland
  • François Sikivie

Data Sheet

  • Direction : Jean-Pierre et Luc Dardenne
  • Scripte : Eva Houdova
  • Production manager : Genevieve Robillard
  • Cinematography : Walther Vander Ende
  • Frame : Yves Vandermeeren
  • Sound : Dominique Warnier
  • Editing : Denise Vindevogel
  • Mixing : Gérard Rousseau
  • Set designer : Wim Vermeylen
  • Stage manager : Gérard Maraite
  • Music : Jean-Marie Billy et Jan Franssen
  • Executive producer : Dérives a.s.b.l.


Produced with the assistance of the "Ministère de la Communauté française" (Service Audiovisuel – Promotion et diffusion artistique – Promotion des lettres – Service de la musique et de la danse).

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