Direction : Yasmina Abdellaoui & Benoît Dervaux
Duration : 84 minutes
Betcam SP
O.V. Romanian
S.V. French / English
© 1996



You have to realize that a street child leads the life of a dog. He is beaten, spends whole days begging, but it doesn’t make him give up hope, so long as you let him have his station. The station may well be cold and anonymous – a home without a future, a barn without a roof, a pitiless fate – but he stays there, hangs around, makes do, and hopes. It is his niche. Yet one day his memory forces him to leave this makeshift nest to make his way in a world where he belongs -  and then what…

Gigi (17 years old) and Monica (15 years old) live out their love with their gang in Bucharest North station.

A newcomer is on his way – Monica is expecting a Baby. Gigi wants to leave the nondescript streets. He tells us his dreams : « To find a roof, start a family, build another family out of that family, and on like that… till the end ».

Is this child going to be born – where and how – and what will he or she… ?

By creating another life, Gigi and Monica go beyond the street child’s place in the world, and bring us up against the Universal.

Are sparse and harsh living conditions enough to fix people’s destiny in abject poverty ?   

Data Sheet

  • Direction : Yasmina Abdellaoui & Benoît Dervaux
  • Image : Benoît Dervaux
  • Sound : Marc Depasse, Benoît De Clerck et Yasmina Abdellaoui
  • Editing : Marie-Hélène Dozo
  • Mixing : Bernard Gabus
  • Conformation : Françis Creuen
  • Production manager : Véronique Marit
  • Executive producer : Jean-Pierre Dardenne
  • Production : Dérives


With the help of the "Fond Télévisuel de la Communauté française de Belgique" and the "Région Wallonne".

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