Direction : Philippe de Pierpont
Duration : 75 min
Betacam SP



An Italian surveyor, who has been working for a short while in Belgium, has contracted for the locating of some landmarks all along a line from Brussels to La Panne. A walk that will make him discover places, characters, so histories, destinies, memory : a common good that everyone, anonymous though he may be shares with all the people living in the area.

The pictures which follows surveyor’s peregrinations draws up a subjective portrait of the Flemish regions and the people living there now, in 1992. But at the same time it gives greater place to human traces in the landscape, traces that evoke history, the social and economic evolution, the latent standardization of customs in Europe. Alongside of the walking man, the film develops a thinking about modernity, Europe and nationalistic myths.

Data Sheet

  • Script and direction : Philippe de Pierpont
  • Image : Raymond Fromont
  • Sound : Frans Wentzel
  • Lighting : Richard Michiels
  • Editing : Anne Dejaer
  • Mixing : Jacques Clisse
  • Conformation : Marc Meyvaert
  • Music and interpretation : Pierre Heureux
  • Production Manager : Véronique Marit
  • Associate producer : Dérives asbl


  • Dérives asbl
  • Unité documentaire de la RTBF (centre de production de Bruxelles)
  • W.I.P. (Wallonie Image Production)
  • Hors-jeu

With the help of the "Fond télévisuel de la Communauté française de Belgique".

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