Direction : Jean-Paul Fargier
Duration : 52 minutes



People keep saying masturbation makes you deaf, but we do not allow ourselves to think about it. This film deals with self-abuse and its various representations. This drama presents two contemporary and adventurous young people. Our heroes; Manu and Emma, exchange their feelings on a blog called “M… La Maudite” (M…The damned) whose layout lends itself to every whim.

Emma publishes her discussions with some writers, philosophers, artists and some doctors in this blog. All of them give us a historical viewpoint on the matter. Manu, a novice philosopher, responds to her.

To support this discussion, the director Jean-Paul Fargier suggests an eclectic journey: from Klimt, Schiele and Rodin’s stylish works to Dali’s phantasmagorical delirium, from the provocative performances of the seventies to Jan Fabre’s polemical theater, from the realism of fictions to the no-shame contemporary comedies and the sex toys as features of life…

With these crossed viewpoints on self-abuse, we can understand that masturbation will always be an ideological and artistic stake.

Data Sheet

  • Direction : Jean-Paul Fargier
  • Production : Marie Balducchi - EX NIHILO


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