AICHA by Karima Saïdi

Documentary - Length : 4 minutes - first feature 

In a retirement home, Aicha will spend the last part of her life. Behind closed doors, in a place where time stands still, her room takes on the aura of a waiting room.



Documentary - Length : 75 minutes - first feature 

André Dartevelle was a film director for 40 years. The film approaches him and those who worked closely with him throughout that period. It takes a close look at a “filmmaker of resistance” whose films revolved around words and keeping memory alive.


MY DAUGHTER NORA by Jasna Krajinovic

Documentary - Length : 15 minutes

Nora, Samira’s daughter, left for Syria in May 2013. Since then, her mother leaves no stone unturned in her attempt to bring her home. “My daughter Nora” is a letter that Samira wrote to Nora. It follows Samira in her fight to prevent other youths from leaving, her trip to the Syrian border and her painful, everyday life torn between hope and the fear of losing her daughter in the war in Syria.


HOME by Aya Tanaka

Documentary - Length : 60 minutes

After my brother’s recent death, I began taking pictures of tight-knit families. This series of photos, entitled HOME, little by little reveals my desire to get closer to the members of my family spread out between Belgium, Germany, Japan and Ghana.


NIKOLAY'S DREAM by Maria Karaguiozova

Documentary - Length : 60 minutes - first feature 

In communist Bulgaria of the 1970s, Nikolay Djambazov was a working man by day who spent his nights building a sail boat. Today, I go in search of Nikolay’s boat to find out what became of his dream and look at my own beliefs in this quest for freedom…

LA VIE EST UN JEU DE CARTES by Philippe de Pierpont

Documentary - Length : 60 minutes

“La vie est un jeu de cartes” is the dramatic tale of six children from Bujumbura (Burundi) who live and grow up in the street. For 24 years, at different moments (in three films) the director has unveiled their dreams and life paths. Now they are in their thirties and life is still precious.  



KEV by Clémence Hébert

Documentary - Length : 60 minutes - second feature

Kevin, a young psychotic boy, comes from Borinage and everyone call him « Kev ». A redhead boy, with pale eyes, an ear cut as Vincent Van Gogh. Runaway, breaker, with no where to be put. The film follows him between the fourteen to twenty years, in its transition to adult life. A close immersion to his madness, to experience a different relationship to the world and meet Kevin beyond disability, beyond our differences and our prejudices.


I HAVE FAR TO GO by Karima Saïdi

Documentary - Length : 60 minutes - first feature

With my mother who has Alzheimer’s, I found myself picking up scattered pieces of her life and piecing together her memory before it fades away forever. My mother is from the first generation of Moroccan immigrants in Belgium. She was uprooted only to face a twofold exile: she left her homeland believing she would return. Her death suddenly reflects not only her memory, but also the collective one of an entire community that emigrated to Belgium.


HELLO, EUROPE? by Sandrine Dryvers

Documentary - Length : 60 minutes

For several years now, Europe is in upheaval. In this period of uncertainly, the continent is going through major changes and is caught between the old world and a new, yet undefined one. “Hello, Europe?” scrutinizes various characters and an ever-changing territory where outcasts and the rejects of the system live side by side with those who cling to it and still believe.



Documentary - Length : 60 minutes - first feature

Five women tell us how they dedicated their lives to a spiritual quest. Where does this quest come from? How does it come about? Atheist, Christian, Muslim, agnostic or tantric each invites us into her intimate, inner searchings. They relate the obstacles they had to overcome to follow their calling and defy religious dogmas. They share with us the breath of freedom that they touched in their path to infinity.


ABSENT MINDED by Violaine de Villers and Jean-Pierre Outers

Documentary - Length : 60 minutes

Here we are, projected into inland China of the 1980s on a train for a strange trip among passengers talking, writing, eating, playing, getting dressed and just living, all in an unusual way. In the course of this journey, a certain art of living and harmony arise. This ever-curious peregrination, revealing the limits of our own culture, little by little transforms us.