Direction  : Benoit Dervaux
Duration : 56 minutes
Coulor - Béta Digital
O.V. french 
S.V. English
© 2001



Pascaline is 17 Years old. She’s from up north, a region in full mutation. Her baby girl, Angelina, Will soon be 1 year old. They live with six other teenage mothers in the “Les Petits Pas” pavilion at the Anne Franck Centre in Saint-Omer. Pascaline divides her time between school and company training. Trough motherhood, she tries to mend her trying childhood and wants to break the horrible cycle of violence and poverty. Knowing her limits and in order to protect her child, Pascaline asked the juvenile judge for help from a family who would take in Angelina for a little while.

Data Sheet

  • Realization and image: Benoit Dervaux
  • Assistant Director: Amaury Duquenne
  • Technical advisor and his sound editing: Benoît De Clerck
  • Editing: Jean Thome
  • Mixing: Michel Goossens
  • Production manager: Véronique Marit and Marie Balducchi
  • Executive producers:
    DERIVES: Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne
    AGAT FILMS & CIE: Nicolas Blanc


 Produced with the participation of the "Centre National de la Cinématographie".

With support from the "Commission Télévision Procirep-France", the "Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel de la Communauté française de Belgique", the "Télédistributeurs Wallons", and the "Région Wallonne".

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