Direction : Eddy Luyckx
Duration : 13 minutes



Give me just a movie, but good, very good. There is a box full of ghosts, there is a movie, a good one, a good K7, a box, « so long, and have a good time ».

When the iron gates which defend the video club’s window will open, we’ll be able to get in, like in a grotto full of treasures, mysteries images, souvenirs, « I hate to see you go… but… ».  Images in box, the one necessary to satisfy customer. Jean-Claude, the boss, as we say : boss of a pub, goes up a down the stairs, goes and comes between all cinema’s reproduction, K7, posters, convers, once more canned image, also sounds. The Ingrid Bergman Voice who hums « as time goes by » in Casablanca, or James Cagney’s one who hated Virginia Mayo in White Heat.

And Jean-Claude doesn’t stop, he choices the movies for others, he packs, boxes into other boxes, fites boxes, K7 together, boxes into bags. The movies pass from one hand to another one hundred fifty francs of dreams, but it must have a video player.

At the people pass, like in a movie. Unexpected personages: the projectionist who never has enough images and who leaves whit ten K7, the undertakers who comes to take theirs with their hearse, other histories of boxes. When the night will become and everybody made his choice when everyone will have what they believe to be their image’s part the only thing to do is to close the shop, where the ghosts will stay who didn’t seduce nobody today.

 “…good bye, I hate to see you go… but has a good time…”

Data Sheet

  • Direction and editing : Eddy Luyckx
  • Images : Alain Marcoen
  • Sound : Thierry Dehalleux
  • Conformation and special effects : Robert Dispa
  • Construction : Jean-Marc Brouwers
  • Production manager : Luc Dardenne
  • Director of production : Véronique Marit
  • Executive producer : Dérives a.s.b.l.


Produced with the help of the "la Communauté française de Belgique".

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