Direction : Claudine Delvaux
Duration : 37 minutes
Video 4/3 BVU
© 1987



The epistolary form is a double game: there are two characters (“she” and “he”); there are two times (the time of writing and the time of reading); there are two places (“here” and “there”). But most of all there’s everything, which goes from one person to another, and everything that tries to pass on. A letter is always the sign of a hollow, the sign of a void to jump over. It’s an attempt and a temptation. We almost know how, where and when it begins, but we don’t really know how, where and when it begins and we don’t really know where and where it ends. But we know for sure that something’s going round.

The idea of a “video letter” is the idea of a double agent. There is the device of the letter, but also the device of the video. The words and the picture sounds, the hand and the eyes, the voice and the ears. Video writing could literally mean: the paper is the screen. This is where everything must lie, on  a sheet of light and sounds, and we’ll have to tear down the screen into pieces to start again.

This is a letter from a woman to a man, to a filmmaker, to an extremely cultured person: stretching two borders (France and Switzerland), spanning two cultures (catholic and protestant), between two films (always). This is a letter of a woman who has never made a film, but who has made children. It comes from a person between two linguistic borders, between two lives (professional and family life) and between two plans (a book and a film).

Data Sheet

  • Direction : Claudine Delvaux
  • Assistant direction : Nadia Curto
  • Photography director : Alain Marcoen
  • Cameraman : Alain Marcoen, Michel Couturier et Philippe Dubois
  • Sound : Thierry Dehalleux, Gaston Slykerman
  • Editing : Claudine Delvaux, Eric Peeters
  • Mixing : Gaston Slykerman
  • Interviews : Freddy Buache, Agnès Guillemot, Anne Françoise Perin
  • Casting : Ivan, Tristan, Aude, Benji et Florence
  • Voice : Claudine Delvaux
  • Music : Mathieu, Soon, Stéphanie, Aude, Tuen-Maï et le « Petit Orchestre des Ateliers Musicaux Jacques Fourgon.
  • Art director : Maggy Jacot
  • Production managment : Véronique Marit
  • Production secretary : Maryanne Debacker
  • Production manager : Jean-Pierre Dardenne
  • Director of production : Véronique Marit
  • Associate producer: Dérives asbl


With the help of the "Communauté française de Belgique",  and of the "Section Arts et Sciences de la Communication de l’Université de Liège".

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