Duration : 
Jean-Pierre Duret and Andréa Santana
Duration : 78 min
Sound Stéréo
Beta SP and Digital 4/3
S.V. french
© 2001



More than half the people on our planet live beyond the Web, unrepresented and excluded, their lives invisible, their words unheard. At the most they count only as a statistic in a catastrophe. This unique film about landless peasants in northeast Brazil, lives as a neighbour with a handful of such people. It listens to their jokes, their confessions, their anger, their complaints, and it joins in their games. More than that, it comes to love them. An unforgettable traveller's tale, a thousand kilometres away from tourism.

John Berger

Data Sheet

  • Direction : Jean-Pierre Duret and Andréa Santana
  • Image and sound : Jean-Pierre Duret
  • Editing : Monique Dartonne
  • Sound editing : Roman Dymny
  • Mixing : Francis Wargnier
  • Production manager: Muriel Meynard et Véronique Marit
  • Associate producers :
    Ex Nihilo - Patrick Solberman
    Derives - Jean-Pierre et Luc Dardenne


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