Direction : Luc Jabon
Duration : 55 min
Bétacam SP



Trio Bravo is considered the « smallest big band in the world » (Fabrizio Cassol, alto sax, Michel Massot, tuba & trombone, Michel Debrulle, drums). At each of their music experiences (they boast four records), they have constantly extended the limits of their original orchestration (neither bass nor guitar nor piano…) while they have been mixing more and more wide musical sources (from jazz to contemporary music). After a life of eight years standing they are at the parting of the ways. Are they going to continue or to split up ? The picture shows them playing in concerts, it follows the fine worked course of one of their compositions, but it also passes through pigmy music, an Elisabethan song, a juggler, a dancer, a club of jazz lovers, a questioner film-maker and an instrument maker, so through all these crossroads the picture questions the past, the present and the future of these three strong personalities.

This picture signifies that music in order to remain intensely lively has to meet all requirements of a people community, although they may be broken up, cosmopolitan or merely symbolic.

Data Sheet

  • Script and direction : Luc Jabon
  • Images : Alain Marcoen
  • Sound : Thierry De Halleux
  • Lighting : Bruno Stegen
  • Editing : Pierre Van Tiennen
  • Production manager : Véronique Marit
  • Associate producer : Dérives a.s.b.l.


With the help of the "Fond Télévisuel de la Communauté française de Belgique".

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